Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club - Facilities

Project Particulars

  • Client : Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club
  • Consultant CRSS
  • Location : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Brief : Construction of racing club glory arcade, visiting
stables, veterinary and storage facilities, presidential stables, and services equipment. Also, Design and Build of a fully equipped Polo Clubhouse including furnishing.

Contract type :Lump Sum

    Bank Guarantees Bonds :
  • Bid Bond: 1%
  • Per Guar: 5%
  • ADV. PYT. GUAR: 10%

Original Contract Value (Dhs.): 20,227,200

Final Contract Value (Dhs.): 20,379,300

Start Date:11/1/1994

Finish Date:11/1/1995