A successful construction company is defined by the quality of its Project delivery.

Our aim is to exceed expectations when delivering our Projects: in terms of quality, health & safety, the environment, programme management, site management, client and third party relationships.

To fulfill this aim: to exceed expectations, we at all times strive to ensure that the correct resources are allocated to our Projects. We define resources as our staff, our labor force and our supply chain of sub-contractors and suppliers.


In Thinet we are committed to developing and maintaining a vibrant and well structured term of core individuals whose technical knowledge and expertise are applied to our Projects. Our policy of sustainable growth ensures that our Project Teams are always under pinned by key staff experienced in our company philosophy and who are proven professionals in their field.

The positive encouragement of team work, motivation, empowerment and professional development, by formal and informal methods, are key aspects of our staff policy: the successful application of these core principles being key elements of our success.

New additions to the team are positively encouraged by re-commendation and new Team members are occasionally brought into the company as an investment when a specific requirement may not be currently identified. Mentoring and peer reviews are part of our culture to encourage continued professional development and the maintainance of positive and pro-active project teams. Our Management Team is dedicated to supporting, encouraging, developing and maintaining focused and professional teams of dedicated individuals: by doing so we strive at all times to exceed expectations

Labour Force

Our labor force is subject to continued appraisal: success is rewarded and we strive to maintain a core team of experienced tradesmen who are as committed to our success as we are to them. We have an extremely low turnover rate. Success breeds stability and our work force understand and appreciate our commitment to them. This in turn is reciprocated by them and is transmitted into the quality of the completed product.

Supply Chain

For each project we carry out a detailed review of its specific needs. This review is the starting point of our sub-contractor and supplier selection process.

Through discussions with our established sub-contractor and supplier data base and the application of a strict pre-qualification process for all new supply chain members we aim to identify and select the correct resource that will assist us to exceed expectations. Our pre-qualification process considers: - project history, financial stability, trade accreditation, quality & environment policies, and the proposed sub –contractor / supplier project team


Our policy of sustainable growth ensures we at all times can manage our resources to maximize our delivery in terms of our staff, our labor force and our supply chain selection: and by doing so exceed Client expectations.